The First Cribbage Board

If you’re just getting to know us, let us introduce ourselves! We are West Coast Island Woodwork, a small, family owned business, working our dream job from the small town of Lantzville, BC.

We opened our doors for business in November of 2018, completely new to the small business world, but long time friends to the game of cribbage. Our journey, though only a little over a year old, is fuelled by a passion for both a game and an art.

The First Board

Did you know that the very first cribbage board that left our workshop was actually a gift?

Our woodworker Hans had been playing around with designs for his old CNC machine, and came across a design for a round, three player cribbage board. When it was mentioned that a member of our team was in the need of a gift for a coworker, Hans went straight to the workshop to test out his new cribbage board design.

The First Cribbage Board

This board was unknowingly, the first of many.

After some show and tell with our family, friends and co-workers, the word seemed to spread and the question of “Could you make a cribbage board with ____?” started to sound more and more familiar. With interest starting to spike and our woodworker scheduled to retire within the next couple months, our team started to ask themselves what their next should be.

How Island Woodwork Came To Be

We knew from the beginning that we wanted to some how incorporate the island into our name, as it is a place we are proud to call home, and we knew there were many others who could resonate with that.

It was also very fitting as our best-selling board happens to be our original Vancouver Island Board, though we didn’t know that this would be the case at the time.

We also knew that even though cribbage boards were our founding project, we would eventually like to dive into different pieces as our journey continued. With “WestCoast Island Woodwork” as our title, the possibilities seemed endless and our woodworker’s creativity could flourish. Our ever-growing Island Collection is a living example of this, and we are excited to add many more pieces as we approach the summer season.

Did someone say yard games!?

What’s Next For WestCoast Island Woodwork?

Well, that’s up to our customers!

The amazing part of creating customized pieces is that theres always a new project, a new idea or a new challenge right around the corner. Our work is only limited to the imagination of our customers, which never fails to keep us on our toes!

A majority of our collection is inspired by what started as a “one time order” and ended up being a frequently asked for item, much like the chain of events that led to our very first cribbage board. Our fellow islanders inspire us everyday to create sustainable, memorable pieces that will last a lifetime.

Make sure to check us out on Instagram and our Facebook page to follow us along on our journey, and of course to capture the first glimpses of our new pieces!

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